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Recent United Christian Expeditions Headlines

Grace Baptist Church Palorinya

When the South Sudanese Refugees began to pour into Northern Uganda they were sent to a reception camp located in the area of Palorinya.  The camp averaged about 30,000 a day.  People would stay 2-3 d
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Belleview Baptist Church Lefori

UCE planted a new church in the village of Lefori with the help of Bellevue Baptist Church of Memphis. We have been praying for a church planter to work among the Madi people.  This year the Lord brou
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Refugees in West Nile

Last year we began to see an influx of South Sudanese Refugees pour into the West Nile Region.  UCE, with the help of our partners were able to feed the first 10,000 for almost 18 days before the UN w
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Foundation being dug for sixth Penne Paris Nursery School

LAFORI You want to know the God of miracles? He is at work in Uganda, in the village of Lafori, through the United Christian Expeditions where the foundation for the sixth Penne Paris Nursery School w
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Watching God work in Moyo

MOYO, UGANDA – The work of the United Christian Expeditions’ tireless team goes on daily in the Moyo district of Uganda as it strives to reach the Ma’di people for Christ. They are doing it with
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